Opening to Intimacy

We all have a longing for intimacy, and yet at the same time we are afraid of it.

The fear is of what will happen if we honestly expose ourselves, our vulnerabilities.

This process will help you lose the fear of love, the fear of rejection, and open to a new dimension of intimacy.

You will learn what happens when you drop the false image that you have been wearing, and become more authentic and honest.

Do people come closer, or go away as you fear, when you express and share your true feelings?

And you will learn how to do that – how to talk about what is really going on with you underneath your protections and emotional reactions, without dumping your emotions on the other.

And in exploring the subtle dance of intimacy, you will learn to respect your own and other people’s boundaries.

We will also work with cleaning up unfinished business with others, both in our relationships with previous lovers and in our family, so that we can be free and open for new experiences of intimacy.

“Relationship is a koan. And unless you have solved a more fundamental thing about yourself, you cannot solve it. The problem of love can be solved only when the problem of meditation has been solved, not before…

Unless meditation is achieved, love remains a misery.” Osho

Mastering Emotions

This course teaches what Osho calls the ancient secret of alchemy: how to transform painful emotions – fear, anger, jealousy, sadness – into more nourishing energies. Regardless of what is happening in your life!

We all despair sometimes about what to do with those emotions which are so destructive in our life – the emotions that destroy our relations with others, affect our attitude and behavior and harm our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Usually we repress them or dump them on someone else, both of which are very destructive.

In this course you will learn a third way – how to transform your unconscious negative emotions into positive creative energies that will actually enhance your life. Osho says it is the same energy, you just have to know how to transform it.

This is the real alchemy – the secret of the buddhas.

Just imagine how it will feel to be the master of your emotional life, rather than constantly feel like the pawn of other people and situations.

Imagine how it will feel to be able to choose how you feel, and stop letting old emotional reactions run your life….

It will change your life.

Transforming Judgments and Prejudices

Our judgments affect our lives much more than we realize. And our prejudices are like a filter over our eyes, preventing us from seeing things as they really are.

Our minds are constantly judging – and usually they criticize, because the mind tends always to look for what is wrong. That not only makes us feel uncomfortable, closed off, but it also affects our relationships with others, because they sense our judgments, even if we don’t speak them.

And of course, many of our judgments are about ourselves, which directly affects our energy and how we feel. In fact, we are our own worst enemies in that respect.

So… is there any way to stop this endless procession of judgmental thoughts? It seems to be very difficult, but Osho has given some techniques, which we will explore in these days.

These techniques will help us get some distance from, and understanding about, the judging mind, and with that distance we actually find compassion instead of criticism.

Natural, authentic compassion, not something artificial. This not only makes us feel more nourished and satisfied, it also it makes us much more attractive as people.

In addition, becoming aware of our unconscious prejudices allows us to step aside from them and have more clarity – to see things from a totally different perspective

Ezra Klein
Ezra Klein
Has an insatiable desire of investigating the mind. Here is his attempt at finding order amongst the madness.


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