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'...the real juice of life is within you...and this very moment you can turn within. The moment you have found your own center, you have found the center of the whole existence'



We all know meditation is good... as an idea.

But the actual practice itself is probably something to do when you retire, right?

Not necessarily.

With the hectic world we live in, meditation seems to be becoming more relevant as each day passes.

It teaches us how to live totally in this present moment, rather than dwelling unnecessarily on the past or future, and by doing so, it brings a new vivid quality into our daily lives.

It helps us make better, clearer decisions. And it has been scientifically proven: Meditation produces soothing alpha brain waves, known to lower the blood pressure, and relax the muscles. It calms the nerves, reduces ill health, and promotes a sense of harmony and inner well-being.


Meditation Retreats -
the ultimate vacation

During these retreats, we will experiment with ancient time-tested methods as well as modern cutting edge techniques.

We will be working with the unique and powerful active meditations devised by Osho, to release repressed emotions and tensions.

The meditations we will practice are like little vacations, only you leave your baggage (your mind) behind. Upon your return, the mind is sharper, the body, fresher, the heart, replenished.

And of course you take the experience and techniques home with you.

We will also be working with the Chakras. These energy centers, first spoken about 2000 years ago, and a keystone of the Ayurvedic healing tradition, are situated in different energy centers of our bodies, and hold vital keys to unblocking our most life enhancing energies.

We will discover that everything can become a meditation. Or to put it more accurately, that we can bring a meditative quality to whatever we are doing.

Meditation – something to enjoy and celebrate This may come as a bit of a shock, so make sure you are sitting comfortably. This is not an endeavor to be taken seriously.

It’s one of the great myths of our time that meditation has to be a serious, holy affair. There is even sometimes a 'laughter meditation' in the workshops.

These retreats happen in a climate of celebration with live music and dancing, and this unique approach has both an enlivening and centering effect.

Passion for Meditation

The Secrets of Meditation

Have you ever felt that your life is missing something, without being able to say what?

In this course we will experience many different meditation techniques: some are more active, others more passive; some are done with a partner, some alone. Some techniques use the senses - sight, sound, touch - and all will help us connect with our inner world.

The techniques are taken from “The Book of Secrets” by Osho, spoken discourses on the ancient sacred text “Vighyana Bhairava Tantra” (The way to go beyond consciousness).

We will be accompanied by the wonderful live music of Marco. And… it is not necessary to have previous experience of meditation.

Meditation Training

This course is not only for people who would like to share Osho’s meditations with friends or family, or in a workshop or professional establishment, such as a business or school.

It is also for your own meditation to go deeper.

We learn through experience how to speak about meditation, and how to answer questions. Meditation counseling is very different from other types of counseling and is important as a way to encourage the meditator to keep going when times get hard and to keep going even when they think they have ‘got it’.


3 Doors Inwards

Love, Death and Meditation are the three doors inwards and they all occur in the present moment.

Love is the first door. And it is the easiest door from where we can transcend this world of the horizontal and enter the world of the vertical. In this workshop we look deeper into love as meditation, with techniques and exercises to open and express our heart energies. Moving from thinking to feeling.

We will introduce you to some tantric meditations and exercises around death. This will include work on insecurity and meditations on accepting and celebrating change.

There are many ways of using sound to move inwards and we will be experimenting with some of these meditations.

This group is a training for life, as meditation is not something to be done once a day, but it must become a part of our everyday activities. The deeper and more intense our inner journey the more fulfilling our outer life becomes.

And, all these methods are done in a light and joyful way with Marco playing music so that we may dance and celebrate this transformation in our lives.


Vipassana is the technique by which Gautama Buddha realized the state of enlightenment. And many people have experienced satori in Vipassana, more than through any other method.

Vipassana is an introspective meditation in which self-awareness arises through just allowing the thought process to slow down. It can be practiced by anyone, anytime, anywhere. But to feel the depths of Vipassana there is no better way than to give yourself time to participate in a retreat, with Osho's active meditations as a support, and individual meditation counseling as part of the process.

Allow yourself the luxury of being free and undisturbed by outside influences, so you can see what happens when you bring your full attention and awareness to yourself.

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