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'...commit to yourself, and the world will transform around you'


Personal Development Programs and Meditation Retreats

Perhaps, in your new role you’d be a character
full of abounding energy and childlike excitement?

Or would you move with the quiet assuredness
of someone who really knows themselves,
and what they want?

And throughout this adventure,
would you dare to experience intimacy and intensity,
and perhaps even deep love?

But all this movie stuff is just imaginary, right?

Or maybe we can direct and empower ourselves
to live the lives we really want.

The reality of dreams

The fact that so many of us just seem to feel stuck
and trapped by our habitual patterns of thinking
and behaviour is why Lifetrainings exist.
Inspired by the enlightened mystic Osho,
whose books have profoundly affected the lives
of millions, these workshops are about freedom,
expression and life in its most undiluted form.

They are about potential, and the nourishment
we all long for. And are designed to reveal what many
of us, in this civilised, cultivated, cerebral world,
seem to have forgotten.
How to really live and love life.

As Osho puts it 'Life is not a problem to be solved,
it is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed'.

And you already have everything inside you
that you need to achieve this.
You just have to find out how to access it.

But remember

These courses will give you the tools and techniques
you need to do that. From your side, you'll need
to have a strong enough desire for change.
No one can do it for you.

You will need to be prepared to challenge everything
you believe about yourself and others, and to have
the courage to look a new at the assumptions and
judgments you have been carrying all this time.

If you are ready to take the plunge
then take a look at our courses.