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'...everytime one realises something of the truth, there is a dance in the heart... the heart is the only testomony for the truth' Osho

the Way you Work

Are you unhappy with your work?

Do you feel unfulfilled, bored, frustrated?

The answer is not necessarily to change your job, but to see what happens if you change your attitude.

That is because the secret to fulfillment is not what we do, but how we do it.

It lies in our attitude.

We can complain and be miserable, which is a habit the mind loves, or we can find a way to use the situations which arise to be more present and aware.

This is a chance to look at the issues your find difficult in your work, from a different perspective.

To see how you can be more relaxed and easy, more flowing in your energy and less reactive to others.

And yes, even more playful.

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Developing your EQ:

Moving From the Head to the Heart

How high is your EQ?

EQ is shorthand for Emotional Quota. And put simply, can be explained like this:
Our brains have two parts, each with very different functions and abilities. One part, often labeled the ‘left brain’ is concerned with logic, calculation, intellect. We call this the head (or mind)

The ‘right brain’ is involved with spontaneity, creativity, appreciation of beauty, intuition. We call this the heart (or senses)

The qualities of EQ are the qualities of the
right brain.

People with high EQ are more in touch with their feelings and intuition, have more empathy for others, and more self-awareness.

And according to the latest scientific research, are much more likely to be successful in their goals than people who just have a higher IQ.

Surprising? Not when you really study it.

EQ vs IQ

Conventional education focuses on developing our IQ. It has its value. It is logical, analytical, information-oriented, and on it’s own, is destined to be completely unbalanced.

The lack of emphasis developing the EQ can profoundly affect our lives. We call it polite names like stress, over-burden, and sometimes burnout, but in reality it is a kind of everyday human madness, from being over-identified with the left-brain.

To identify the issues in this way is to begin to address them.

And remember, by developing your EQ you will not lose your IQ!

In fact your IQ becomes even sharper and clearer when you access your EQ.

The head is very valuable, but it is valuable for dealing with the objective world. For the subjective world (people), we need the heart.

The mind analyses and the heart synthesises. Together they make you a whole person.

Accessing the EQ

Using exercises specifically designed for this workshop, together with guided relaxations and powerful meditation techniques, we will find new ways to connect with, and express ourselves as whole, balanced beings.

Ways to move from the head to the heart, from the left brain to the right brain.

Ways to open you up to new dimensions of your being.

You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, and more insightful communication with others.

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