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Changing the Way you Live your Life

In this workshop we explore the habits and patterns we have unknowingly picked up from our upbringing, our teachers and society, and how they dictate our lives.

We will then begin to develop a lasting freedom from them.

We will discover ways to develop a clarity and easiness with ourselves in difficult situations, and with people who tend to make us feel stressed.

Using techniques such as guided hypnosis, creative visualization, Osho meditations and voice dialogue - a powerful way to access unconscious feelings, we will find new ways to be more relaxed, natural and grounded.

Ways to respond to situations with a sense of inner strength and calm, rather than a knee-jerk reaction.

Ways you can continue to practice in your everyday life.

You will also have the opportunity to consciously rewrite the script of your life. To look at what would make your life more nourishing and fulfilling, and find practical, sustainable ways of achieving that.

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Osho Keys to Happiness

Happiness is a very desirable state: apart from being enjoyable, the scientific evidence shows that happy people live longer than depressed people, are healthier, more resilient, and even perform better than others.

So, what is stopping us from feeling happy?

Often it is a misunderstanding of what brings happiness – we confuse it with pleasure. But pleasure is always temporary, and dependant on things outside yourself. The source of the happiness Osho speaks of lies inside you, and is not dependant on anything on the outside being a certain way.

He gives four keys to develop this inner source of happiness, and says that as long as you go on cultivating them, you will be happy. Not the excited happiness of pleasure, but the calm deep contented happiness that is intrinsically part of your being.

This workshop is to experiment with how to use those four keys in your everyday life, allowing you to change completely the quality of how you live your life.

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